Black, White and Read All Over

Besides the awful dad joke, (yes, you're right, the answer is newspaper) I've been trying really hard to see the good (news) in people. While some have high hopes in humanity, some have their guards way up. I think I fall more on the latter. I've said it before, I've tweeted about it and I'll say it again: The creative industry is hard. Intentions are often questioned. The quantity of the person's social media status is often overvalued than the quality of the person. What does the word "collaboration" really mean? It's often associated with rates and monetary value rather than the actual desire to build relationships and collaboratively create something magical that will outlive us. Past failed relationships have taught me to never force anything that doesn't come naturally; with people or with brands.

Genuine people are difficult to find most especially in the city that is New York City. But through all the personalities I've come across and all the attitudes this city can offer, I find myself surrounded by wise, talented, self-less people I am blessed enough to call my friends who I may or may not see often (thank you lots, adulthood) but will always be there for. 

So, cheers to all of them. 

Near or far.


In collaboration with WestKei1 and Lord & Taylor.

Photography by Jason Payas.

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