She Acts Like Summer | Five Lessons 2018 Taught Me So Far


In a blink of an eye, this year is more than half over. That sentence and realization just made my stomach do back flips. I wanted to take a break from talking about fashion and simply reflect on the last seven months of my life. Time is a concept I will always be in awe of. It can give and take so much so quickly. It can give you people and take them away. It can give you happiness and take that away too. It can bless you then teach you why and why not. What this year taught me so far is that it’s important to correlate time with vulnerability. I think we often forget we are human. Most people pretend they don't have a heart but you don't protect your heart by pretending you don't have one. We are human. Feel, understand then sort out what's best for you and your well- being afterwards.

This year, I've allowed myself to be vulnerable – to moments, to feelings, to people – more times than I have in my lifetime. It's an indescribable feeling to embrace being human. Most of us forget sometimes. Allow yourself to feel and talk about it! Everyone deserves a life full of inspiration, happiness and positivity. But first things first, you have to F E E L! Trust me, you'll wake up lighter and more free.


Know when to say yes, know when to say no. You cannot please everyone. You are one person. You don't have to say you'll be late and just say you don't want to come. You can say no without making up an excuse. You can say no just because it's not for you. Say yes when it is for you. Say yes to fresh adventures. Say yes to new experiences. Say yes to people that are genuine and real and make it easy to just be you. You are not obligated to anyone but yourself and people that do not understand that do not understand you.


If you love them. Tell them. I'll never understand the fear in telling someone how infatuated you are with them. Yes, I know it's hard to be happy because there will always be sadness that follows. I used to be that person. But why not appreciate the sunny days while its still here just because you're dreading the storm on the horizon? I like crossing bridges when I get there. All I can do is feel what is here right now. I tell my boyfriend of eight years I love him every chance I get. Sometimes, I say it too much. But I’d rather say it too much than too little. Never assume they know what you’re feeling. Say it. Out loud. Sometimes, I let him feel my wrath when he's being annoying – that my friends, is why storms are named after people.

You can say so much, but they choose to hear so little. What's that saying? You can lead a horse to the river but you can't make it drink the water. No matter how much advice you say to anyone that need it most, it can always go in one ear and out the other. It’s like talking to a wall. They’ll always do and choose what they want for them at the end of the day. You can’t change people. You might not agree with it but you’ve done your part. You were there. You were willing to help at one point. Have peace knowing you were. 


Don't shrink for people's comfortability. Lesson learned. Like the ocean, people have different wavelengths. I am done going down to a level of comfort that I am no longer in in. If they can’t meet you half-way, stay where you are. For someone who has shrunk herself for others many times, I’ll stay where I am. Don’t shrink for people’s comfortability. Grow as much and as fast as you want. It’s not your fault they choose to make homes out of comfort zones and you choose to grow and continue to leave yours. 

Some people don't have the same heart as you. Happiness, infatuation, courtesy, passion — amongst a lot more things — is not the same to you as it is to others. It is not your job to believe the way they do. It is not your job to change them. Your only job is to understand them. Where they come from. But it’s also important they understand you. Relationships only work when people in it do. People that are willing to do that with you are your people. Everyone else sorted themselves out in your life.


 Self-love is self-care and that's not selfish. You first. If you are not taken care of, how do you expect to take care of anyone else? If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect to love anyone else? Take time for yourself when life seems too much. It’s okay to not post on Instagram everyday. It’s okay to take soul vacations by yourself. 


I hope any of these five lessons 2018 resonated with you in some way. I hope I said some things you needed to hear. Let’s be better the rest of the year.  

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Uninspired Girl's Guide to An Uninspiring Day | Striped Pants + Sneakers


Aside from hitting the snooze button more times than I do on a regular day, I find gloomy days to be uninspiring. Staying in bed is more desirable than wearing pants and conquering the world outside. [Newsflash: it's okay to feel like this sometimes.] But just like all things, no feeling in this life is permanent, everything is temporary. Sunny weeks don't last and when it showers, it pours. Gloomy days don't last either though and when brighter days are ahead, the sunlight is abundant. 

Unfortunately, in adulthood, we can't escape our responsibilities. We cannot bring in a doctor's note. We cannot keep postponing meetings and deadlines. We have to face reality face first. Sometimes, we need to conquer the world even when we don't feel like it. And on days when the laundry list of things to-do is massive and pants are required, my uninspired girl's guide to an uninspiring day include striped pants and sneakers. These are two staples in my wardrobe this spring and summer season and so easy to put together with a plain T. Fake it until you make it, so they say.





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There's A New Fave In Town | All About Hemsmith


Season-less, thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted in wearable fabrics, HEMSMITH reshaped the world of minimalist fashion. Whether it be worn alone as a statement or layered together for a casual look, every piece is effortlessly made to seamlessly cater to anyone's wardrobe without letting go of function for fashion. From textured linen to ultra-soft micro-suede to light-washed denim, each piece maintains a focus on the details we would normally wear day in and day out. 

I feel like suits has recently entered my fashion timeline and it's so refreshing to discover there's more to suiting than just a blazer and tapered pants. HEMSMITH's thought to meticulously-tailored pieces changed the way I think and look at a dress, a pair of pants, a skirt, outerwear or a simple tank top. For someone that often looks at her closet and swears there's nothing to wear, HEMSMITH makes dressing up and looking good to require no thought. Each piece can be styled a variety of ways and seemingly endless creativity in fashion excites me exponentially. 



HEMSMITH is beating to its own drum without following a specific fashion calendar and I am all for it! I am layering the NYX Cullotes and the Davis Long Vest for a casual look that will take me from a breakfast to a day full of events and meeting appointments. If that's not a versatile outfit to you, then I don't know what is. 


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