Glitter and Glow Spring Make-Up

Spring is here and Coachella is right around the corner. Although I've never been, this time of year always motivates me to be more daring and embrace more color in my wardrobe and everyday make-up. From metallic trends to unicorn-inspired styles, here are three different looks to rock on or off the desert using the Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows and the Matte 'N Metal Eyeshadow Palette by Stila Cosmetics

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The Peachy Glow

I have been loving this make-up trend lately. Although blending is still not my forte, I achieved this look by sweeping Sizzle or this metallic rosy copper all over my eyelid then Flare, a metallic cool bronze on my crease. To top off the peach glow, I applied the Rose Gold Retro Liquid Eyeshadow and the Kitten Karma on the lower half of my eyelid and attempted this cut crease eye. I opted for zero eyeliner and just a ton of mascara.
Would you rock this look?


Liquid Gold

There's something about red-orange lip and gold eye make-up to match that reminds me of Old Hollywood Glam. And if you ask me, I think it's just as good on the red carpet as it does on the sand. I applied Sequin or this metallic gold all over my eyelid then simply followed it with the Gold Goddess Liquid Eyeshadow. I topped off the look with some semi-dramatic winged liner (using the Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner) and two coats of mascara (using the HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara) . This look paired with some HMxCoachella earrings and you're just about ready for a fun night to remember!


Violet Vixen

To be quite honest, I have always strayed away from adventurous purple tones especially on my eyelids. But Coachella or not, it's good venture out of your comfort zone. I created this look by pairing Fringe, a matte light taupe all over my eyelids, and Bohemian on the outer corners with the Violet Vixen Liquid Eyeshadow on the lower half of my eyelid. Again, I thought this look didn't need eyeliner but of course, it's all about preference. Rock what you want!

I had such a blast creating these looks inspired by this time of the year! For someone who has been all about the minimalistic and monochromatic approach to style, it's amazing to see what I am capable of doing with color if I just give it a chance.

Now it's time to let me know what you're capable of! I've partnered up with Stila Cosmetics and put together a giveaway for you!

Go to Instagram, Like my post about this contest, Follow me (@JannelTherese), Follow @StilaCosmetics, Comment which of these looks you would rock on and off the desert and you will be entered to win:

-  One Stay All Day WaterProof Liquid Eyeliner

- One Huge Extreme Lash Mascara

- One Matte 'N Metal Eyeshadow Palette

- Three Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

[The contest ends April 30th]

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Skin Routine With Tree Hut Skincare

As I get older, the more I appreciate the skin I am in and the more aware I become for the care it deserves. Clear skin has always been a difficult thing for me to achieve most especially on times when I feel stressed and so worn out from a long day's work. Sometimes, starting my days with more water instead of coffee or trading in nights out for extra hours of beauty sleep aren't enough. While no two days are ever the same for me, I make sure that it consistently begins and ends with my skincare routine with Tree Hut Skincare in three simple steps.


After everyday's commute on the subway and walking in the harsh temperatures, my skin feels so dry and rough. It craves care and attention. I begin my nighttime skin routine by cleansing my face with the Polishing Facial Scrub

Whether it's on no make-up or make-up days, I use this gentle, rose-scented exfoliating scrub to rejuvenate my skin. I really enjoy the texture of the jojoba esters against my skin. I really feel it scrubbing away any impurities and slowly removing any dead skin cells, leaving my skin silk and smooth to the touch. 

The second step to my routine is further hydrating my face with the Renewing Night Cream. I first dot my face (like I would with my foundation) with this lightweight, chamomile-scented cream before really working it into my skin in a circular motion.

The formula helps soothe and helps improve the elasticity of my skin's texture. The roughness is lessened and my face feels moisturized. I appreciate the hints on botanical extracts in this product. The Chamomile and Sea Buckthorn are absorbed through the night and hydrates leaving my skin feeling fresh when I wake up.

Lastly, I treat my skin with the Hydrating Overnight Mask. For someone who is face mask-obsessed, I am excited about a face mask I can wear to sleep.

Unlike other masks I've tried that tend to have a wet consistency and leaves residue on the face, this one is made of gel and dries quickly onto the skin for a comfortable overnight use. I wake up the next day and pat it dry with a face towel. My skin feels soft and hydrated where it most needed.

I'm ready to begin a new day.

Tree Hut Skincare offers a variety of products for cleansing, hydrating and treating skin. Shop the products here.

In collaboration with Tree Hut Skincare and Byrdie Beauty.

Photography by Jason Payas.

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