A Pop of @Coach Red

Like I said in my recent post, pops of reds have been frequenting my day-to-day wardrobe choices lately. Besides the classic black and white or the denim on denim, I can't think of a better color duo the all black and a pop of Coach red.

From light blush tones to the deepest coral, all shades of red in the color spectrum just gravitates towards me. From first applying red lipstick in my amateur teenage years to my Friday night glass of wine, red ties my childhood to my adulthood. It screams chic with a touch of rebellion and lust. It will be a paint color in my future home, the accent in my future kitchen. Red is a conversation starter. It pumps the adrenaline and brightens up any mood unlike any other hue. And against a black canvas or an all black outfit, this @Coach red bag is all I need for that pop of statement piece.

What's your go-to color duo? 

What Inhabits Jupiter

They say "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."

But what inhabits Jupiter? 


As much as I love to be in the epicenter of non-stop, fast-paced motion that is New York City, I constantly crave a little piece of nature, a little piece of peace, far away from all the bustle. Before the literal Fashion Week snowstorm hit New York City, I escaped to an equally cold, but new scenery and sanctuary that is Portland, Oregon. 


And let me tell you that the idea I've imagined in my head didn't come close to the reality of the place. Somehow, no place ever does. It made me realize that there are beautiful corners of the world where magic happens that we don't get to witness. You would have to wait for my next travel post to really see this one.


As the saying goes:

"Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."
But what inhabits Jupiter?

Jupiter Hotel to be exact.


Jason and I stayed at the coolest mid-century motor inn-turned-boutique hotel with design aesthetics that blew us away. From the second we checked-in at the art gallery slash hotel lobby to the wall art (literally the whole wall) in our suite, Jupiter Hotel offered us the welcoming, eclectic, artsy, cool, vintage vibe we were expecting. There you will also find the most down-to-earth people I've ever met. The staff was beyond nice and accommodating. They instantly claimed "Portland is better than Seattle!" And although I have yet to visit the latter, I believe them.

Our morning ritual easily became Grendel's Coffee House right across the street. I've never had honey lavender latte before and after one sip, I questioned why the hell I haven't. I knew I had to have it every single time I had the chance. 

As much as public transportation is available here, Jason and I thought it was the best decision to rent a car. And it was. We were able to explore more on our own time and on our own schedule without the hassle of keeping up with bus schedules or Uber drivers. We visited every kind of waterfall and hiking trails we could despite the remnants of the snowstorm from the week before.


Nothing really stopped us from hitting all of the food spots and nature trails that were on our list. Literally every scene on the side of the road made us gush with awe. Portland is SO cool and SO unreal! And you have to see it for yourself.  (Again, you gotta wait for my next travel post.)

Each adventure-filled day ended up with one of the best showers and a deep slumber in probably the most comfortable bed I've ever laid on. It felt like I slept on a cool cloud for three nights. I certainly missed it when I had to sleep in an uncomfortable impromptu red-eye flight home with an old man who insisted to keep his light on and pointed at my head. 

This temporary humble abode shares an underground garage with Doug Fir Lounge, a spot that hosts indie music shows with a cool, futuristic log-cabin design to match. Jason and I are unfamiliar with the scene and we had planned to see a show but somehow it didn't work out. We obviously gotta come back!

I thought the simplicity of denim against some fish nets and boots layered under a kimono and a loose blazer is a look that'll match the cool, eclectic vibe that is Jupiter Hotel.


"Cool" count: 6.
Because Portland really is!

In collaboration with COACH.
Featuring the DINKY in Black Copper and Saddle.

In collaboration with Jupiter Hotel.