Pardon this awful Instagram-quality of a photo, but I just met COCO AND BREEZY!

Here's how it went down: I was at work and my back was turned from my register because I was making a juice. My coworker asked me to grab two cups of cold water for a customer. Without making eye contact to who I was handing the waters too, I said, "thank you, enjoy!" I rushed back to the juice bar and continued down the list of juices to make. After it slowed down, I made my way to the register and looked up and saw COCO AND BREEZY just casually sitting across from me at a table looking at their phones. My jaw dropped to the floor and gasped really loudly. I nonchalantly mouthed to my coworker "That's Coco and Breezy!!!!" NO ONE KNEW WHO THEY WERE!

I wanted to meet them before they left so my coworker encouraged me to suck it up and go to them. I simply said, "You guys probably get this a lot, but can I please take a picture with you?" They not only extended their hands for a handshake, but they extended their arms for a hug! A lot of famous people walk into my job all the time but I'm always too busy to notice. I'm glad I didn't miss Coco and Breezy today though.