Golden Birthday Girl

It's my golden birthday today!

Birthdays are always so special but this particular one is most special to me.


To be honest, I never feel like doing anything for myself on this day or this month. I'm usually more excited about other people's birthdays. But this year, I decided to finally see family I haven't seen for years on the other side of the world and remind myself of the simple rooted values time and this fast-paced lifestyle forces you to slowly forget. I never realized how much I really do appreciate the simple things in life until I was only surrounded by it again. After sixteen years, I learned that we do always find our way back to our roots. I apologize for the month long radio silence in this space. This month was full of growth I didn't know I needed and time away in places where wifi connection is last on the priority list never felt so good. 

The beauty of this day is that it is always around Thanksgiving. Although I am grateful everyday for everything and everyone I have in my life, this time of the year always makes me feel overwhelmingly grateful beyond measure and my heart just feels fuller. 


Wearing Raine in Silver by Sunday Somewhere,
 Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt by Erdem X Hm,
Black Denim by Willow and Clay,
and Finn Bootie by Chinese Laundry.

Photography by Alithea Castillo

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