This is joy, this is summer. This is Panorama.


About a couple of weeks ago, I was spontaneously invited to the Panorama Music Festival! Although I never experienced Coachella in Los Angeles (can't wait to go,) I must say Panorama in New York City exceeded my many expectations. Besides the incredible performances, I was most in awe of the HP Art Hubs that surrounded the main stage. The grounds of Randall's Island Park filled with people who were carefree and just shared this genuine feel good vibe!


I spent most of my time at the HP Lounge immersing myself in all of the art and technology combined. I felt like a little kid again so in awe of new discoveries and full of curiousity. To be honest, I didn't expect a festival to be so fulfilling in so many ways but it was. 


I've always wanted to see Solange and Frank Ocean live. I was floored by both of their passion and talent. It was present in their voice and their performances.  I thought I would never be the type of person to push through the crowds of people to be in the front but I did. I was so close to Frank Ocean, I was able to see him in the flesh rather than just the big screen. I was drenched in sweat and the smell of second hand smoke was all over me. I realized wearing wedges was not the best idea after several people stepped on my toes. But with all of the circumstances that came with the festival, I absolutely regret nothing.  


And I would do it all over again if you ask me.


Photography by Kim Geronimo.