Airplane Mode Skin Routine

Over the past year, I've traveled more than I ever have in my childhood
and in my adolescence combined. The responsibilities of flying as a child is slightly more different from flying as an adult. Aside from still having first dibs on the window seat and prioritizing a good movie on a three-hour flight or a deep slumber on a red-eye, frequent flying has taught me to add a skin regimen while
I'm on airplane mode.


After speaking to Creative Director Kathy Phillips and CEO Anna Persaud
and learning more bout their award-winning Skincare brand This Works, I mostly fell in love with its values and British provenance.


They believe This Works has to be good for you and good for the world and they are not satisfied with anything less than exceptional results. They partner with British farmers and the use of combinations of the natural actives make their formulas really work.


While on airplane mode, I use two products from the In Transit Skincare.

The amount of recycled air on one flight has caused my skin to feel dull and dehydrated. I used to travel with make- up on and by the time of arrival, it has melted off of my face completely and it has left me wanting to layer my skin in a variety of face masks and drench a ton of moisturizers.

Before the plane takes off, I take one pad from my In Transit No Traces Rosewater and Water Mint infused pads to take off all the excess dirt and impurities on my sensitive skin. 

It leaves my skin feeling bright and restored and the scent of rosewater and water mint on my face is just as relaxing as it sounds. 

Sometimes, one pad isn't enough.

Before arrival and probably the most uncomfortable sleep, I use another Rosewater and Water Mint infused pad. This time, to improve my skin's moisture and rehydrate my face from a long flight.


 After this step, I take the In Transit Camera Close-Up. With a mask, moisturizer and primer all in one tube, the revitalizing formula is just the perfect pick-me-up for the skin. It serves as a rapid eraser for signs of fatigue and preps my skin for make-up on occasions I have to hop from the airport to an event.

The best thing about This Works is that it is approved by TSA.

I first discovered This Works before my last trip of 2016
and after giving it a try, it will now be part of every trip.