Laundry Day | Paris, France


Two luggages, five new countries, eight plane rides and a ton of dreams turning into sweet reality is how I would sum up my two-month hiatus from this space.

(Sorry, but not quite sorry.)

Our first stop was Paris, France. As a first timer, I saw everything with fresh eyes and appreciated every single humbling experience I came across. Sometimes, I would be having coffee and breakfast outside watching people pass by or I would see the Eiffel Tower in the distance or drive around Arc de Triomphe and it would hit me that I’m in Paris. I never expected this many pinch-me-moments in my life and it’s even more strange to realize I was in one of the fashion capitals of the world during Paris Fashion Week.

My days in the city of light and love and fashion felt absolutely endless. I wish I could have said the same about my wardrobe though. It was only one week into this amazing euro trip and I felt like I had worn everything at least twice. When in foreign countries, one must do what the locals do and this meant going to the nearby laundromat. After successfully communicating to a local to sell us the right laundry detergent, we were over one hump and onto another. Let’s just say there was nothing like trying to read French instructions for a washing machine that really made me want to learn French. Thank God for google translator. After a cycle of wash, rinse and fold and a quick photoshoot in such an adorable space, wearing 50% of something that isn’t mine, we were ready for our next stop.

If you told me in January that this year would pan out this way, I wouldn’t have believed you! If this year taught me anything it’s that it only seems impossible until it’s done and dreams come true if you decide to take the leap and make it happen! Practice this less talk, more do mentality and you might just blow your own mind.



Sunglasses by Mulberry and Grand
Amazing Top by Marianna Senchin
Pant Suit by H&M
Fila Disruptor II by DSW