When In Cancún, Mexico | 10 Floral Summer Dresses


One afternoon, I'm at lunch with a friend and even before the dessert menu arrived, we bought tickets to Mexico. I live for spontaneous moments like that. It's the epitome of this idea of thinking less and doing more. Before I knew it, I was preparing for a trip less than ten days away. Little did I know that this think less, do more mentality would be the theme of this tropical getaway.

"Florals for spring? Groundbreaking." Miranda says in sarcasm. But floral summer dresses in Mexico? I think it's a match made in vacation wardrobe heaven. I learned there's simply no time to ponder hard on what to wear when there's so much to see and do in a brand new place and source of adventure. I chose to pack light with denim shorts, a variety of swimwear and summer dresses. There have been times in my fashion timeline when I felt most feminine and effortless and inside a floral dress is definitely one of those times.

Floral summer dresses are not only perfect on tropical getaways but also summer occasions like weddings, graduation parties, you name it. I've rounded up top ten floral dresses from Nordstrom Rack in case anyone is need of a floral dress in their summer wardrobe.


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Swimwear Off The Water

I've always been a fan of wearing staples in an extraordinary way and in an unexpected setting. Remember that one time I wore a sports bra to a luxe dinner in the middle of winter?  While a summer in the city permits a ton of access to rooftop pools and the beaches are only a car ride away, there are still those days when wearing swimwear off the water and to the streets just seem so sensible. The recent rise in temperatures has been challenging my summer wardrobe to be easy and effortless while keeping on trend and fashion forward. I accepted the challenge and came up with one of my favorite summer fashion hacks: taking every single one of my
Anne Cole Swimwear bikinis to the streets and pairing it with every single one of my high-waisted pieces. The fact about fashion that I love most is that there are no rules. You make it your own and as long as you love it, no other opinion should matter. Expect to see me rocking one piece swimsuits as body suits and bikini tops for the rest of the summer.

Hello, August.

Wearing Anne Cole Swimwear.

Photography by Kim Geronimo.

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