The Selman | Marrakech, Morocco


The Plunge Swimsuit by Summersalt

It takes me a while to realize I’ve physically been to a dream place. Going from one place to the next in such a limited time sometimes doesn’t give space to treasure each and every moment. Sometimes it takes a look back at some amazing photos and relive those pinch me moments and relish in the fact you’ve actually gone to a bucket list place. The Selman in Marrakech, Morocco was nothing short of stunning. It was impressive to the eye and breathtaking in design and architecture. It is impeccable beyond words and I am grateful to have been there with such an incredible group of girls, the best brands there are and one of my best friends ever. By far, the best plus one invite a girl can have.

Shot by @CarleysCamera


Best Summer Ever | Lesson Of The Season


The older I get, the more I realize that the most valuable thing on this earth is time. Every summer used to feel like just another phase in the year; another routine, nothing special ever really happens. Then I learned that you shouldn’t wait for things to happen. You gotta take control of your own life and make it the best for yourself. A season can feel like a lifetime and you gotta choose the right people to live lives with.  This summer proves that you can either be consumed  with stagnancy or move freely into adventure. I’m glad I now continue to choose the latter. We should never wait for the right time. The moment we decide to choose ourselves and our own happiness will always be the right time. This has been the best summer of my life. I simply cannot wait for an even more unforgettable Autumn.


Swimwear Off The Water

I've always been a fan of wearing staples in an extraordinary way and in an unexpected setting. Remember that one time I wore a sports bra to a luxe dinner in the middle of winter?  While a summer in the city permits a ton of access to rooftop pools and the beaches are only a car ride away, there are still those days when wearing swimwear off the water and to the streets just seem so sensible. The recent rise in temperatures has been challenging my summer wardrobe to be easy and effortless while keeping on trend and fashion forward. I accepted the challenge and came up with one of my favorite summer fashion hacks: taking every single one of my
Anne Cole Swimwear bikinis to the streets and pairing it with every single one of my high-waisted pieces. The fact about fashion that I love most is that there are no rules. You make it your own and as long as you love it, no other opinion should matter. Expect to see me rocking one piece swimsuits as body suits and bikini tops for the rest of the summer.

Hello, August.

Wearing Anne Cole Swimwear.

Photography by Kim Geronimo.

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