Style Story: One Graphic Tee, Two Sides Of The Spectrum


Graphic T-shirt by Nasty Gal
Denim by Madewell
Nude Suit by The Fifth Label
Fila Disruptor II by DSW

Another day, another graphic tee. Two different ways. The polar vortex doesn’t look too bad inside the comfort of my home. The temperatures currently feel like it’s in the negatives and I can’t seem to take it upon myself to shoot any content outside. I’ve been spending a lot of my time in my home so far this year. And there’s something to say about falling in love with little corners of my humble abode. The polar vortex is pushing me into a winter hibernation and it is such a perfect time to really think of what I want for myself and visualize how I want the rest of my year to look like. I’m taking it upon myself to make my intentions crystal clear and the only person I am forcing into my life is the person I am becoming.

I realized that I can be two extremes of the spectrum and still be the same person at the end of the day. I can style my graphic tee with denim and sneakers one day and wear it with a nude suit (still with sneakers) the next. My love for androgynous styles and mixing feminine and masculine wardrobes is even more appealing to me now more than ever. Fashion month is finally here and I will be skipping it again to fly further east. Cities I’ve never been and people I’ve never met often inspire me in more ways than I expect and in the coming few months, you will see me embracing both sides of the spectrum. Why choose one when you can embrace both sides of you?


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Style Story: What Its Like To Feel Purple


While the colder seasons let the darker tones in my wardrobe more attractive, color is really something that truly transforms every season for me. It transforms the way I dress, the way I think, the way I feel. Color is a spectrum of this sensory switchboard. I can’t help but respond to it on my day to day. It affects the way I view what’s in front of me. Colors emphasize a specific memory and a specific emotion. There are days I feel like blue or red.

Recently though, I’ve been feeling purple. Purple is a color that tends to occur rarely in nature. It’s definitely a color that tends to occur rarely in my nature. A combination of blue and red, purple exude power, imagination, devotion, ambition, creativity, independence, peace and magic — all of the which I’ve been feeling lately. In retrospect, I tend to begin things but never finish them. I used to be full of ideas that fall short of fruition. I used to be filled with “I will” instead of “I do.” I used to lose sleep because I wasn’t at peace with myself and my craft. I used to depend on peoples’ opinions and wonder if they see me as magic and wonder why they don’t.

Recently I’ve been feeling purple. I’ve been feeling free of anyone’s criticisms, even my own. I’ve been doing more and wishing less. I’ve been feeling more like magic in my own right. I’ve never been this driven to write, let alone create good habits left and right.

I feel purple. I feel right. How about you?


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What You Feel, You Attract | What You Imagine, You Create


Look around. Appreciate who and what you have. A year really makes a difference. I feel like I am starting to sound redundant in all of my posts relating true happiness and deep connections to quality over quantity but I keep preaching about the same thing because I truly feel strongly about it. All you have is all you need and all you need is all you have in this very moment. So embrace it and be grateful. The older I become, the deeper I dive into this social media realm I chose to pursue, the more I hold real-life connections to a pedestal, the more I realize that these moments (outside the world of social media) with the most important people in my life matter the most. I realize that the hugs, the kisses, the stomach-aching laughters, the intimate dinners and drinks, the inside jokes, the car rides, the cheers and celebrations, the acts of kindness and love without asking for something in return, the deep talks, the sad and happy tears that don't quite make it into a filtered photo are the ones that matter the most. It's so easy to be caught up with it all, the numbers, the rising and depleting numbers but I am here to remind you that at one point, these things didn't matter to anyone but what I described before did and always will.

So I ask you this: One day, one billion users on Instagram will become zero, social media will be taken over by the next big thing, will you be happy with what you have left? I'm at a point in my life where it's easy for me to remove myself in situations and people that make it apparent where I am and who I am to them. In all relationships, there's always someone that stops trying. And those are obviously not your people. I am focusing all of my attention to those that appreciate me and my existence endlessly. I am quickly learning that there are people that love me and will be give unconditional love on my good and bad days. And I pray to God that no matter how busy my life will get, I'll take the time and let those people know I am here for them too. 

Look around. Appreciate who and what you have. A year makes a difference.


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Monday Mentality | Boss Babe Suiting


The best outfit trend from 2017 that has made its way to this year and it's one of my faves: pant suits. I can’t think of a better outfit to feature on this blog to end the Monday of the year on a Monday. Like I said in my previous post, January is the Monday of the year. And we got no option but to kill it. I think it paves way to how the rest of the year will be. I honestly don’t remember a more satisfying month than this one. I caught four flights and traveled somewhere familiar and somewhere new (I’m sure to recap those two trips on here very soon.) I wrote a lot more. I focused more on my own growth. I found more and more clarity in what I want to do next.

I can genuinely say January was full of little victories within myself and my friends and I can't help but celebrate each and every one. I can't help but keep this boss babe attitude all year long. A nude suit, a black lace lingerie and a red lip. Three elements that work so much better in fruition than I ever anticipated. Maybelline’s “Hot Lava” lipstick is my lip shade of the moment. The Monday of the year is about to end and I'm ready to kiss my doubts and my fears goodbye. Here's to chasing my own dreams instead of chasing someone else's.


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Creature of Habit

Whether it's religiously hopping on the first cart on the L train to Bedford Avenue or starting my morning with a large iced latte with two pumps of vanilla and two shots of espresso while simultaneously devouring a peanut butter acai bowl topped with granola, cacao nibs, (more peanut butter) and strawberries or going to the same gym at least once a week or visiting the same eyebrow lady on Driggs Avenue or using the same make-up and skincare products routinely everyday or always having a leather jacket in any weather or just bumping the new Khalid album repeatedly down the sidewalk or on the train or writing the longest sentence known to man, I am a creature of many habits.

While each of this day-to-day snippets can easily be a memoir to my entire life, I recently discovered that some old habits don't die hard.

Habits can change and sometimes it's as easy as switching from coffee to tea (or in my case just straight up water) or as hard as wearing the same monochromatic color palette in your wardrobe. Speaking of wardrobe, pops of red have been frequenting my day-to-day wear as of late. 

Although I still take the first cart on the L train, I am straying away from sugar-loaded breakfast options. Acai bowls only sounds healthy. Surprise, surprise. Thank you, Internet. And instead of taking the same route home everyday, I lean more towards taking some detours. I'm learning it's okay to revisit old areas of my life I used to enjoy and love. And for me, that's discovering places in New Jersey and New York that slows down time in ways unimaginable. Sadly, you gotta wait for another post for that one.

And instead of taking the same route home everyday, I lean more towards taking the path less taken and taking more detours to places I used to visit. I'm learning it's okay to revisit old areas of my life I used to enjoy and love. And for me, that's discovering places in New Jersey and New York that slows down time in ways unimaginable. 

Sadly, you gotta wait for another post for that one.

My point is, new ways or old, just choose to do the things that make you happy and the things you love and you'll soon make a habit out of good days.

Wearing Sweet Disposition Playsuit in Red by The Fifth Label
and Denim Bomber by West Kei.

Photography by Jason Payas.

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