The Bag Of The Season | 10 Straw Bags Under 50


The sun has been coming and going in New York City. When it finally decides to stay put for as long as I've decided to stay put since my last trip, maybe that's when I'll finally book a getaway to more sun but on an unfamiliar island. Until then, I will continue to look back at my Bali trip and vacation-inspired wardrobe that's mostly paired with a variety of straw bags sans make-up. I have a feeling that these coming summer months will be as long as the winter months, or at least I hope it would be. Every summer dress and denim and graphic-T ensemble will have every it-girl's accessory of choice: straw bags. When I was in Bali, I visited the Ubud markets twice and it was still not enough. There were straw bags of different sizes, shapes, color and texture lined up at every turn. I was completely blown away. While the currency in Indonesia could get me one straw bag for less than $20 in Ubud market, I thought I would round up some straw bag options for a little over $20 (and under $50) for those that are prepping their summer wardrobe accessories. I'll be honest, there's nothing that compares to the handmade bags in Bali but until you and I get back to the real thing, these options are a close second. 


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