Through Retro Tinted Glasses


Once upon a time, I gravitated toward the overly exposed and desaturated approach to every single creative aspect of my life. If it wasn't a monotone white wall or marble-detailed, I didn't like it. If it simply wasn't gray, white or black or something very minimalistic like that, I walked away from it. If it involved bright colors, I avoided it. It became sort of this lifestyle. 

Then one day, I realized that color makes me happy and bold colors are exciting in more ways unimaginable and simply seeing my surroundings in monochrome keeps me from growing as a creative and as a person. I embrace the spectrum between light and dark; all the possibilities it holds for color. I like when the sun hits my face and the ways color can make you feel. I adore shadows casted on a backdrop. It shows depth rather than just the surface. 

This pair of orange and yellow tinted sunglasses was collecting dust in the corner of my room until I discovered it recently while spring cleaning. Now, I can't seem to leave the house without them or stop using it as inspiration for future ensembles. Trends just naturally fit a certain style and retro-tinted sunglasses that range from orange to yellow hues are making a come back and I am all up for it. It amazes me how a small detail in an outfit or a simple switch in perspective can make the biggest positive impact.

As the weather gets warmer, I'll be seeing the seasons change through these retro-tinted sunglasses. How about you? 




Wearing Gradient Aviator Sunglasses by Rayban.

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