To: Her | February Gift Guide


I woke up today and welcomed February. A new month and another new beginning. 2018 is off to the best start for me and January was beyond all of my expectations. It opened my eyes to attainable possibilities, to bigger dreams, to perspective-changing lessons, to new life, to new ways to love others and new ways to love myself. It is proof that what's coming is better than what is gone.


To be honest, I've always looked at Valentine's Day to be such an arbitrary day. There's no rhyme or reason why a day is set on the calendar to celebrate affection and love. Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday and a capitalist scheme. I absolutely think love and affection should be shown all 365 days of the year and the only days where love and affection should be celebrated even more are on wedding days, anniversaries and birthdays; occasions that are more personal.


This month for me is filled with birthdays, friends' wedding celebrations and milestones in each other's lives in general. With that said, I am inspired to write my first monthly gift guide (rather than a Valentine's Day gift guide specifically) for those that may need it for reference. This February Gift Guide consists of newfound obsessions and last month's favorites that someone in your life might also like.

Zodiac Necklace by Mejuri

I have not taken this Sagittarius Necklace by Mejuri off ever since I got it. I love the chic minimalism and gold vermiel finish. It is absolutely the perfect length. It is great for everyday wear. And even though I am not a zodiac sign expert, I still love the design idea of using astrological symbols on the necklace. Here is the Aquarius one or the Pisces one (both available in gold or silver.)

Lace Bodysuit Lingerie
I now have this mission as a woman in her mid-twenties to acquire as many lace bodysuit lingeries as she can for no reason. It makes me feel sexy, confident in my own body and a complete badass babe. To be honest, every woman deserves to feel like that! 

2013 called to remind me how obsessed I was with Kimonos. This one I'm wearing is by Gooseberry Intimates and I wear inside and outside my home. Fashion is recycling and I think kimonos will soon come back on trend. 

Chunky Knit Blanket

I am at that phase in my life where friends are creating homes of their own and chunky knit blankets are such a great accent on a couch and I can't even begin to explain how comfortable it is.

All Things Make-Up

I've never been the kind to wear heavy make-up. I only wear what I need and those end up being my make-up holy grails. And I love buying and sharing my holy grails to my best girlfriends.


All Things Skincare

Unlike make-up, the opposite can be said about my skincare obsession. I like putting together little bags filled with my all-time favorites that I think my friends will also enjoy including a bunch of skincare.


There you have it. A short and sweet list of my latest obsessions. I hope you found something for that gift you want to give this month!


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