A Place To Call Ours | Top 10 Things I Didn't Know I Needed


It has been a little over a month since I moved to a home with the love of my life. What makes it extra special is that this is our first place we can call ours. While the move was quite hectic and stressful around the holidays, we have come a long way from having tarps and painting essentials all over every room. The lime-green walls are finally white. The blue accent wall in the living room is finally red. The furnitures are finally out of their ikea boxes. I finally have the most comfortable bed five-star hotel guests would dream of. We finally have a couch so we don't have to watch Netflix and eat dinner on the floor. We have a fridge so we can finally go grocery shopping and just cook instead of take-out. While those four key furnitures are all we really have as far as the big essential must-haves in a home, I can't help but continue to look for the perfect complimentary pieces that would make this space feel more like home. 

With the help of the brutal weather outside, I am finding more reasons to stay in and scouting for the meticulous, little details online. I'm into home essentials such as accent pillows and he's into technology. While searching through the millions of options, it truly puts my days living under my mom's home creative direction and interior design ideas into perspective. She always made it look so easy! And all I had to do was come home to a home.

But if you're curious or if you've also just moved into a new place, here are the things I didn't know I needed.

1. Amazon Echo Show
2. Sonos One Speakers
3. Dyson Hot and Cool Heater
4. Philips Hue 1st Generation Smart Bulb Starter Kit