Trust In Timing

It was my first year of college. I was a journalism major. I decided to join the campus newspaper with hopes to write meaningful stories about people and people's lives. 

I wrote only one. All four years, I had one byline under the campus newspaper. The clip is now sadly faded and thumbtacked onto my cork board.

One question I had asked the woman I interviewed is still visible. It read: "In hindsight, what would you change?"

I've never met a person that genuinely listed various aspects she would change in her life. I remember sitting across from her stunned because everyone else I had talked to said they would change nothing because their experiences molded them into the person they are.

After finding the newspaper clip in the middle of a room clean up, I came across this amazing quote I've written as a reminder in an old planner:

"Everything you are experiencing at this moment, whatever it is, is exactly what you need for your personal growth. Trust the timing of your life."

Trust the timing of your life.


I am.



In collaboration with Nicole Vienna.

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Wearing Soir Nº06 Mesh.

Photography by Kim Geronimo.