Twenty - Four Seasons

It was my 18th birthday.

We had just started going out. We were sitting in his white van [yes, it mimicked the kind soccer moms would drive around in] after watching a marvel movie. 


He pulled out a small gift bag and gave it to me. 

I opened it and lo and behold:

a nicely folded pair of lime green fuzzy socks. 

And there I sat, thinking it was a gag gift for the real thing. 

Boy, was I wrong.

Ever seen that vine where the little kid unwraps an avocado and enthusiastically said "THAAAAAAAAAAANKS!"

That was me.

Who knew we would surpass that moment, his white soccer mom van and still find him nothing short of incredible 24 seasons later.

In hindsight, I wouldn't have wanted any first gift, ever.

Photography by Brogen Jessup

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