Weekender with LeSportsac

I don't believe in packing less, I believe in packing light.

I spend my weekdays in routine that unpredictable weekends are a must. I rarely make definite plans for the weekend. Most of life's greatest adventures happen better when unplanned.

The irony though, is that for someone that is so down for spontaneity, I always need to be ready for any circumstance and everything that may or may not happen. As a result, I end up packing my whole life in one bag.

I'm thankful for LeSportsac's NEW Essentials Collection. Made with a micro ripstop fabric, the bags are light weight and the functionality features are more enhanced unlike any other bag I've ever had.

I really enjoy the dual zippers, the short handle drop, the adjustable and removable cross-body strap and the amount of zippers it has. I think I counted ten zippers in this one lightweight bag! That's mind-blowing and impressive to me!

Any bag that can hold everything and still weigh nothing is now my go-to and if you feel the same, check out LeSportsac's NEW Essentials Collection.

Packing less was never for me so LeSportsac taught me about packing light. 

In collaboration with LeSportsac and Bollare.

Featuring the Weekender.

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Photography by Jason Payas.

Photography Edit by Kim Geronimo.