Weekenditis in Dominican Republic

I never used to get Weekenditis. I'd spend my Monday through Thursday usually anticipating the end of the week like nobody's business. When a stranger blurts out, "What day is it?" I'm your human calendar. The labels on my weekly alarms count down to Friday and reminds me I'm nearing the week's glorious weekend. 

But when on vacation (from Monday - Thursday), I just couldn't help but dread Friday. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know (from my instantaneous updates) that I escaped the freezing-cold-fahrenheit-degree-weather of New York City to the warm-always-sunny-palm-tree-clear-blue-ocean-filled island of Dominican Republic. 

While everyone was sluggishly headed for work that Monday morning, I was happily up before 6AM to catch my 4-hour flight. As soon as we landed, my circadian rhythm was modulated by sunlight and the Celsius scale temperatures. I was on vacation mode.

I quickly adjusted to the resort's schedule. I memorized when the breakfast buffet opened, when lunch was served, which bar had the best piΓ±a coladas and where our varying dinner reservations were located.

Monday night dinner's reservation (our first dinner in DR) was at the Brazilian restaurant. The dress code instructions screamed, "BE FANCY! Leave your beach clothes in your cabins." Thank God to my habit of overcommitting to heavy packing, I had my fringe skirt ready to wear to match my fringe heels and black lace shirt.

When we entered Rodrizio, everyone had apparently ignored the dress code and wore bathing suit cover ups and tanks and summer shorts to dinner. It was the trend to all dinners that week.

My boyfriend and I refused to conform so we dressed fancy on every dinner reservation.

In collaboration with POSHSQUARE.

Wearing the Camel Desert Child Faux Suede Fringe Skirt.

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Photography by Jason Payas.

Photography Edit by Kim Geronimo.