What You Feel, You Attract | What You Imagine, You Create


Look around. Appreciate who and what you have. A year really makes a difference. I feel like I am starting to sound redundant in all of my posts relating true happiness and deep connections to quality over quantity but I keep preaching about the same thing because I truly feel strongly about it. All you have is all you need and all you need is all you have in this very moment. So embrace it and be grateful. The older I become, the deeper I dive into this social media realm I chose to pursue, the more I hold real-life connections to a pedestal, the more I realize that these moments (outside the world of social media) with the most important people in my life matter the most. I realize that the hugs, the kisses, the stomach-aching laughters, the intimate dinners and drinks, the inside jokes, the car rides, the cheers and celebrations, the acts of kindness and love without asking for something in return, the deep talks, the sad and happy tears that don't quite make it into a filtered photo are the ones that matter the most. It's so easy to be caught up with it all, the numbers, the rising and depleting numbers but I am here to remind you that at one point, these things didn't matter to anyone but what I described before did and always will.

So I ask you this: One day, one billion users on Instagram will become zero, social media will be taken over by the next big thing, will you be happy with what you have left? I'm at a point in my life where it's easy for me to remove myself in situations and people that make it apparent where I am and who I am to them. In all relationships, there's always someone that stops trying. And those are obviously not your people. I am focusing all of my attention to those that appreciate me and my existence endlessly. I am quickly learning that there are people that love me and will be give unconditional love on my good and bad days. And I pray to God that no matter how busy my life will get, I'll take the time and let those people know I am here for them too. 

Look around. Appreciate who and what you have. A year makes a difference.


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