The Sweetest Revenge | Hello 2018


We are one day away from the new year and while I am excited for new beginnings, I am more excited about continuations. I have goals that are unaccomplished, boxes that are unchecked, an apartment to be filled and potential I did not fully meet. There are unfulfilled parts of me that I'm carrying on into the new year. And if you do too, that's completely okay. 365 days is a long time but it should not be a deadline for any dream or any goal. Almost all of my blog posts this year held a similar sentiment which ultimately defined a feeling that never really left me for the whole year. 


And it's the feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious about life and the future. It’s this feeling of being a woman and constantly having the notion to have it all figured out. As I get older, the more I realize that the responsibility of others also comes with the responsibility of self. Whether it be within myself, with my family, with my friends, with my boyfriend or with my work, no matter how much of my best I think I’m doing, I wholesomely, overall feel mediocre in every single aspect.

I know it's okay to feel this way sometimes (nobody is perfect) but to feel this way constantly for most of the year, I think I owe it to myself (and everyone around me) to be more fearless, to be more confident, to be more vocal and to not let anxiety or anything stop me.


I think the sweetest revenge for 2017 is to strut through the new year with my head held high and have an agenda to do everything I want to do and less of what I don't. The sweetest revenge in the new year is to just live and to not limit myself for the next 365 days and feel extraordinary. 2017 is proof that resolutions don't really have to define a whole year. 2018 is on the horizon and to be honest I know the best years of my life are yet to come.


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Swimwear Off The Water

I've always been a fan of wearing staples in an extraordinary way and in an unexpected setting. Remember that one time I wore a sports bra to a luxe dinner in the middle of winter?  While a summer in the city permits a ton of access to rooftop pools and the beaches are only a car ride away, there are still those days when wearing swimwear off the water and to the streets just seem so sensible. The recent rise in temperatures has been challenging my summer wardrobe to be easy and effortless while keeping on trend and fashion forward. I accepted the challenge and came up with one of my favorite summer fashion hacks: taking every single one of my
Anne Cole Swimwear bikinis to the streets and pairing it with every single one of my high-waisted pieces. The fact about fashion that I love most is that there are no rules. You make it your own and as long as you love it, no other opinion should matter. Expect to see me rocking one piece swimsuits as body suits and bikini tops for the rest of the summer.

Hello, August.

Wearing Anne Cole Swimwear.

Photography by Kim Geronimo.

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Second Skin With True&Co

The New York heat has been indescribably unbearable. The last thing I ever want is to feel uncomfortable in my clothes especially during the scorching summer months. Freeing the nipple and easy summer dressing has been my go-to solution. There is just absolutely no time and no room
 for suffocating and irritating underwear in the heat.

True&Co lives up to its name in more ways than I could have ever expected. By taking a simple quiz, I was given three different bra options that are best fit for me. It is very true to size, perfect-forming and fits so nicely. It moves when I move. Ever since I discovered it, it has undoubtedly become my second skin all summer long. I forget I am even wearing it at times, that's how comfortable it is! Summer is all about being free and being my complete self and true&co allows me to be!

Wearing True Body Scoop Neck Bra by True&Co.

Photography by Kim Geronimo.

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Summer Of Unlearning

For as long as I can remember, I've always imagined this time of the year to be so poetic and more picturesque than the rest. Ever since I was little, I hold this season accountable for all the fond memories and stories I've honed through the years. The fact that it is summer is a good enough reason to do anything and everything under the sun. I guess it's the spontaneity in the air and the idea of not knowing whats to come that makes life just seem so easy and so carefree during the summer.

While I routinely welcomed the season with thoughts of endless ice cream intakes, road trips, museum musings, weekend concerts, lantern festivals, movies under the stars and sunsets on the shore, I find myself blinking out of my usual reverie. A New York summer is not as poetic and picturesque as I had always expected it to be. Well, at least not as cookie cutter and down to the last detail as before. How ironic that I expect my summer to be a certain way when this season is suppose to be anything but predictable. The faster I unlearned about the summer I was seasonally used to, the quicker it was for me to appreciate the summer I am currently experiencing.

A New York summer is not as poetic and picturesque as I had always intended it to be because it is so much better than that. There is magic in discovering a newly opened cafe with your friends or simply finding out a new cozy spot while seeking refuge from a summer rain because you forgot your umbrella (again.) There is something special about cracking a physical book open and changing the experience of the usual commute home with eyes glued to the phone. There is also something rewarding about the idea of working and putting in the hours during this time of year to save up for a really special trip that's more appealing than catching flights every weekend.

(I thought I would never say that last one.)

 But for a season that's suppose to hold so many unexpected surprises, this is by far my favorite. Who knew a summer of unlearning old habits and expectations would lead to a personal growth for me? 

Unlearning about yourself is as good as learning about yourself.

Caught In Ruffled Reverie


It's June. Whenever I reach this particular month of the year, my mind wonders off to two simple thoughts: never-ending sunny happy days and a million miles of blue skies above me and checked off boxes on my laundry list of resolutions written in the beginning of the year.

But while expectations sky rocket and daydreams of said never-ending happy sunshine days commence, the sound of New York City rain hitting my umbrella breaks my reverie. This gloom is in fact our current reality.

Every new month poses the same mentality: new month, new possibilities. Whether it's one month or six months into the new year, there is always room for change and progress if you aren't afraid to let it happen. With that said, how are your New Year's resolutions going? For me, my list consisted a lot of DOING AND BEING MORE IN 2017. From traveling more to reading more and being present more to simply being myself more;

I am still working on it. 


Wearing Contast Embroidered Mesh Yoke Ruffle Sleeve Top
by She In.

Photography by Jason Payas.

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