Holiday Style Story: Cozy with Loft


Plush Jacket by LOFT

For someone who frequents the city every week, I don’t visit Soho, Manhattan enough. Then an occasion would lead me there and I wonder why I don’t on a regular basis. It’s probably one of my favorite places in all of New York City. Despite the tourists, the populated sidewalks and roads, I absolutely love the vibe and the old and new architecture that mesh together in the gridded streets. Every intersection is a melting pot, specifically Broadway and Lafayette. Jason and I ended up stuck in the middle of the road while crossing and it was just the perfect photo opp.

Winter is here to stay and I can’t seem to get the word ‘cozy’ out of my vocabulary. The trick to layering is making it look like a cohesive ensemble regardless of the five layers you’re actually wearing underneath. Plush jackets are my all time favorite cherry on top to any cozy winter looks. This lush, luxe, whisper white plush jacket from Loft has been my go-to since the temperatures dropped below 40º in New York City. Lucky for you, it is currently extra 50% off online. The creature of habit that I am just cannot seem to let it go and I don’t think you’ll be able to either.


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The Selman | Marrakech, Morocco


The Plunge Swimsuit by Summersalt

It takes me a while to realize I’ve physically been to a dream place. Going from one place to the next in such a limited time sometimes doesn’t give space to treasure each and every moment. Sometimes it takes a look back at some amazing photos and relive those pinch me moments and relish in the fact you’ve actually gone to a bucket list place. The Selman in Marrakech, Morocco was nothing short of stunning. It was impressive to the eye and breathtaking in design and architecture. It is impeccable beyond words and I am grateful to have been there with such an incredible group of girls, the best brands there are and one of my best friends ever. By far, the best plus one invite a girl can have.

Shot by @CarleysCamera


Prague, Czech Republic In A Day


Prague was on my must-visit list of places in Europe and I am so glad we made a trip out there! We were there for a day and two full nights. Trust me, this makes sense considering we landed one afternoon, made a road trip to another must-visit place the next morning (more about this one later) and drove back the next day to have a full day in Prague before the next destination. Somehow a good night’s sleep seemed irrelevant when we were living our euro trip dreams.

Prague is a city that can be explored in a day. I absolutely loved walking through the ancient cobbled stones, admiring the meticulously detailed old architecture and the history it holds for science and art. I love stumbling upon great restaurants out of the agenda, seeing the oldest and also the most beautiful library and coming across people that had more to offer than the plate of food you were about to eat for lunch.


Not having Filipino food for awhile, we were on a mission to find one. Little did we know, a restaurant called P.Noy was across the street from our last touristy spot. We excitedly entered and was welcomed by a Caucasian man married to a Filipina. He knew more Tagalog than some of my Filipino friends. We ordered a plate of white rice and the ulam for the day which was chicken curry. We wanted adobo or sinigang but we accepted the dish as it had a Filipino twist. While we were eating and drinking our Kalamansi juice, we held a conversation with this man. He asked “what’s it like back home in America?” We replied, “It’s very work oriented. People live to work, not so much as work to live.” With his eyebrows raised, he asked, “Why?” And then he continued to explain that the feeling was too relatable. He said he used to live in Dubai, work like a dog, making a lot of money, rocking designer things and spending money on things for himself instead of his friends and family to come and realize nothing filled his void of happiness. He felt alone and lonely and the most unhappy he has ever been in his life. He said he had everything and nothing at the same time. It wasn’t until he met his wife when he realized there’s more to life than material things. He realized the value of people and actual love. He said he knows now the importance of putting people he loves first. At the end of the day, things are left on the shelf to collect dust, it doesn’t hug you after a long, restless day.

Long story short, friends and family first. I’m a big believer that busy is great. Busy is a good thing. But being too tired to not have time for important people in your life is not. 


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Happy Halloween | Moulin Rouge In Paris By Night


Happy Halloween loves! I have no costume planned for this year so here’s a flashback to a time in Paris when I rocked an all black ensemble matched with an orange lip for a night out on the town.


Paris is a different kind of magic by night. With this urge to experience the night life in Paris, we spontaneously bought tickets to Moulin Rouge. The reviews were a mix of good and bad but a promise of a bottle of champagne with our purchase made us want to see what it’s all about. We trekked our way in a black Uber carriage to the red light district and it’s a side of Paris that everyone definitely has to see. It is full of life and lights, surrounded by people dressed their best and I felt so electric and excited for what’s to come. 


“NO PHOTOS ALLOWED,” the sign said as you enter the doors. But as a rule breaker that I am, I snapped away until I was told I couldn’t anymore. It felt like a different time inside the Moulin Rouge theater. I felt like I was transported back to the days when the only source of entertainment were live acts on stage and everything they did was shocking to the eyes.


Five minutes into the show, we emptied the bottle of champagne. The man in the tie was so impressed, he thought we deserved a second free bottle. With two madames, two champagne bottles and a stage full of crazy, insane stunts and talents, it was hands down the best night I had in Paris. For the sake of not spoiling anything from your experience, I just suggest to keep an open mind and have fun! Accept whatever is in front of you because it’s about to be a wild ride. 


Laundry Day | Paris, France


Two luggages, five new countries, eight plane rides and a ton of dreams turning into sweet reality is how I would sum up my two-month hiatus from this space.

(Sorry, but not quite sorry.)

Our first stop was Paris, France. As a first timer, I saw everything with fresh eyes and appreciated every single humbling experience I came across. Sometimes, I would be having coffee and breakfast outside watching people pass by or I would see the Eiffel Tower in the distance or drive around Arc de Triomphe and it would hit me that I’m in Paris. I never expected this many pinch-me-moments in my life and it’s even more strange to realize I was in one of the fashion capitals of the world during Paris Fashion Week.

My days in the city of light and love and fashion felt absolutely endless. I wish I could have said the same about my wardrobe though. It was only one week into this amazing euro trip and I felt like I had worn everything at least twice. When in foreign countries, one must do what the locals do and this meant going to the nearby laundromat. After successfully communicating to a local to sell us the right laundry detergent, we were over one hump and onto another. Let’s just say there was nothing like trying to read French instructions for a washing machine that really made me want to learn French. Thank God for google translator. After a cycle of wash, rinse and fold and a quick photoshoot in such an adorable space, wearing 50% of something that isn’t mine, we were ready for our next stop.

If you told me in January that this year would pan out this way, I wouldn’t have believed you! If this year taught me anything it’s that it only seems impossible until it’s done and dreams come true if you decide to take the leap and make it happen! Practice this less talk, more do mentality and you might just blow your own mind.



Sunglasses by Mulberry and Grand
Amazing Top by Marianna Senchin
Pant Suit by H&M
Fila Disruptor II by DSW